Yom Hazikaron/Yom Haatzmaut Community Partnerships

Community Programing for 5781

Virtual Ceremony

Wednesday April 14th from 7:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT, as a Tekes Ma’aavar where we honour Israel’s fallen soldiers on Yom Ha’Zikaron and transition into the celebratory ceremony for Yom Ha’atzmaut. This will be an hour long ceremony that will include speeches, historical and emotional videos, musical interludes, and so much more.

Tefillah Chagigit

Mizrachi Canada has a special siddur that we can distribute to your shul for your community to use. It is our hope that many shuls in our community will participate in this special and uplifting tefillah simultaneously. We can publicize your community’s special tefillot as well as information regarding your communities minyan protocols. We will also be holding a virtual tefillah chagigit for all those who are interested

Israel 360

We would like for there to be as many shiurim, lectures and events as possible around the days of Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut. We are organizing speakers and tour guides who will present (virtually) to communities, schools and organizations around the world during the month of Iyar in honour of Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim.


We are thrilled to be planning one for Yom Haatzmaut. Filled with celebratory items, Israeli flags, educational games, learning sheets and so much more. The cost of the box would be $30 per box, and Mizrachi Canada will only be making a limited amount. If you would like to reserve a portion for your shul membership please let us know

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