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Tekes Ma'avar /
Transition Ceremony

April 25th | 7PM
Free Admission

Night Festival

April 25th | 8 - 9PM
Fireworks, Inflatables, Live Music & MORE
Free Admission


April 25th | 9:30PM
Leo & Sala Goldhar Conference & Celebration Centre


April 26th
10:30AM - 4:30PM & 5PM - 7PM
Fun for the whole family!

75 Years of the Canadian-Israel Impact

Past, Present, Future

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The State of lsrael’s national independence day, Yom Ha’atzmaut, is a truly momentous day. It is widely observed and celebrated in Jewish communities around the globe and of course in Israel itself.
For decades, the Mizrachi Canada Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’atzmaut commemoration / celebration has been the largest of its kind in Canada. This year, in partnership with the JCC, the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the JNF, our event will be bigger than ever before as we bridge attendees from a wide spectrum of the Jewish community to unite us all in our dedication to Israel.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are thrilled to unite the Jewish community under one roof to stand with Israel. Especially now, with significant rises in terrorist attacks in Israel, it is crucial for our community to unite and show our support and love for the State of Israel

Aside from the “Blue and White Afterparty”, our entire Yom Ha’atzmaut programming is entirely free. But in order to ensure a meaningful Yom HaZikaron / Yom Ha’atzmaut experience, Mizrachi Canada relies heavily on the support of friends and donors.

If you would like to make a donation to this event please click below.

Tekes Ma'avar / Transition Ceremony

Yom Ha’atzmaut is always preceded by Israel’s national day of remembrance, Yom HaZikaron, a solemn day set aside to remember the nation’s fallen soldiers together with those deliberately killed by acts of terror.
At our Tekes Ma’avar (transition ceremony), we will honour Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror through a special video presentation, a guest speaker, choir performance, and moving words and dedications. The evening will transition into a celebratory ceremony for Yom Ha’atzmaut guest speakers flown in from Israel, festive music, tfillah chagigit and so much more.


7:00 PM

Schwartz Reisman Centre at 9600 Bathurst St.

Remember Together

The Sacrifice of Our Soldiers

Stand Together

With The State of Israel

Celebrate Together

as we transition to Yom Haatzmaut

Pray Together
Tefillah Chagigit

with The Moshav Band & The Solomon Brothers


Lighting the Way Forward - Honouring the Memory of Lucy, Maia, and Rina Dee

With Efrat City Councillor, Orit Samuels

On April 7th, during the Passover holiday, Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Mother Lucy (48) and daughters Maia (20) and Rina (15) were gunned down on their way to a family hike. They are survived by husband and father Rabbi Leo Dee and three siblings – Keren, Tali and Yehuda.

Orit Samuels, Efrat City Councillor

Orit made aliya from LA at the age of 8 and has been living in Efrat since she was 13.

For 12 years, as an elected official, Orit has been a member of the council in Efrat and is involved in many committees including welcoming the new Olim who choose to call Efrat their home.

The Dee family story, struck our community and all of Klal Yisrael.
During the week of shiva, with over 2,000 people showing up each day, Orit was very involved in organizing shifts, meals, coordinating with all the amazing volunteers who wanted to help, including Maia, Rena, and Lucy’s HY”D’s close friends.
Orit is incredibly humbled to be speaking at the main Tekes and hopes to be able to pass along a bit of what we all felt in Efrat after the Murder of Lucy, Rina, and Maia Dee HY”D.

Words from Canadian Government

The Honourable Pierre Poilievre

Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Night Festival


8:00 PM

Schwartz Reisman Centre at 9600 Bathurst St.

Following the Tekes Ma’avar the program will transition to our Yom Ha’atzmaut Festival which will take place in the Atrium at the Schwartz Reisman Centre (9600 Bathurst St.) at approximately 8pm and will last until 9pm.

You can look forward to tons of fun for the entire family that will include: Live music from Moshav Band, food vendors, inflatables, DJ, photobooth, interactive booths, and fireworks!

Concert with The Moshav Band

Israeli Shuk

Rides, activities and Exhibits


Enjoy a night of celebration as we transform Schwartz Reisman Centre’s Leo & Sala Goldhar Conference & Celebration Centre into a Blue & White Party.


9:30 PM

Delicious Food From PRC Catering

Unique Cocktails and Spirits

Private Concert with the Moshav Band and the Solomon Brothers

Daytime Festival


5PM - 7PM

Schwartz Reisman Centre at 9600 Bathurst St.

Our Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations will continue on the following day April 26th, with a “daytime festival” in which children (from all Jewish day schools) and families will come to “travel around Israel”. Imagine making your own Havdalah candles in Tzfat, creating salt art at the Dead Sea, and ‘Learn to Scribe’ at the Safrut Table in Tiberias.

We’ve partnered with many local Jewish organizations to provide you with educational and FUN activities highlighting all that Israel has to offer.

The day will be filled with various activities and booths, games, inflatables, food vendors, live music, and fun for the entire family!

Festival Hours
10:30am – 4:30pm (for registered schools only)
5:00pm – 7:00pm (open to public)

Free admission

Partnering Organizations

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