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Family Learning

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Family Learning

Take part in Yom Haatzmaut themed Torah learning together with your family! Learning sheets suitable for a wide range of ages.

Yom Haatzmaut Game

Dive through Israel's history as you navigate through Mizrachi Canada's first ever game of "Chutes and Ladders"

Israel Exploration kit

Explore the Land of Israel with your very own passport with customized QR codes that will transport you to virtual tours throughout the country! Who will visit each landmark first?

Grand Prize

Who will be the winner of our Free Ticket to Israel? There is a Golden Ticket in one of the boxes!


Enjoy a custom created card that will include the Tfillah L'Shlom HaMedinah and Tfillah for Tzahal - the perfect size to fit in your personal siddur. As well as Tefillon for Yom Haatzmaut prayers.

Arts and Crafts:

Decorate your own Israeli Flags as we celebrate Yom Haatzmaut from the comfort of your own home! Fun for all ages!

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There are number of Options available for Festive Teffilot on Yom Haatzmaut Night.
All Services will be taking place at 8:30 PM on Wednesday April 14th
Because of COVID-19 Guidlines registration is mandatory for all in person prayer services.

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