Introducing tzurba m'rabanan

a unique learning opportunity


When does the cycle start?

The four-year cycle for the English series begins in February 2019 (Shevat 5779). The learning schedule is available on request, and the books will be distributed in advance.

Which topics are covered?

The first volume includes topics such as the status of Christianity and Islam in contemporary times, omens and superstitions, as well as topics connected to Purim and Pesach. A comprehensive list of topics is available on request.

What is the cost?

Each book costs $15CDN . There will be three-four books per year throughout the four year cycle. One set is required per participant. There are no other costs.

Tzurba M’Rabanan 

Mizrachi, Eretz Hemdah and the Manhigut Toran it program – a joint venture of the two organizations – have partnered together to publish and distribute the first volume of the new Hebrew-English edition of Tzurba M’Rabanan. Already popular in Israel, this systematic yet concise format of presenting Halacha from the source in the Mishna through modern-day Poskim is now available in a volume more accessible to 

the English-speaking learner. Distributed by Mizrachi Canada, this program of learning is finding a home in the Canadian Jewish community and further cementing our bond with our community and Torah institutions in Israel.