Emergency Trauma Treatment Fund


The October 7 massacre and ongoing war has left a huge percentage of the Israeli population suffering from acute trauma. 


 Acute trauma intervention can reduce the impact on long term mental health and the likelihood of more serious issues like PTSD, however, there are not enough trained therapists in Israel to support an entire nation in trauma.


The Emergency Trauma Treatment Fund will be used to train therapists in Brainspotting*, a fast-acting trauma therapy proven to work in instances of catastrophic trauma. With an expanded toolset, therapists will be able to help more clients more quickly cope with acute trauma. The fund will be used to subsidize therapists in Brainspotting training; and to provide clients with up to six sessions of free therapy. 

• $180 will provide one client with hour of therapy
• $1080 will provide 6 therapy sessions
• $1800 will train 3 therapists in Brainspotting
• Canadian tax receipt will be provided for donations by Mizrachi Canada


Our initial goal is to train 100 therapists and provide 1,000 hours of therapy. Your generous donation will make a lasting and positive impact on generations. Please contribute today. *Brainspotting is a powerful type of therapy that connects an eye position (brainspot) to a specific trauma at the centre of the midbrain. Brainspotting works on the science that trauma becomes stuck in the brain and body, leading to both physical and mental symptoms. Brainspotting can reset memories of a traumatic experience thereby helping to process and alleviate debilitating symptoms.

To Donate By Check: Please make cheques payable to Mizrachi Organization of Canada In the memo line, write “Emergency Trauma Treatment Fund​” Mail or bring to our office at: Mizrachi Canada 4600 Bathurst St. Suite 316 Toronto, ON M2R 3V2