About the Tamid Group

Tamid is a new prestigious business program, that seeks North American students looking to expand their network and professional skills through hands-on interactions with the Israeli community. It links the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals with Israeli startups, with a possibility of an 8 week fellowship to Israel for top students. It is a-religious and apolitical and is looking for some interested people to participate. This program benefits the state of Israel on two fronts. It Directly promotes and builds the Israeli economy and through making the  connection between the Canadian and Israeli business communities, they are able to showcase Israel’s ingenuity and creativity.

Goals the of Tamid Group

As an established organization servicing over 115 Israeli startups, Tamid will teach you about the Israeli economy and business in Israel. After an extensive program, Tamid hopes you will work as a consultant for an Israeli startup to help them become international. It will give you a unique experience working with high-level startups. We want you to learn and understand the large presence the Israeli economy has in the world.