Donations $180
Goal $52,000

Take Action Now: Your Support Can Make a Difference for Shtula

The events of October 7th have deeply impacted the close-knit community of Shtula, leaving nearly 100 families displaced since the first week of the war and the vibrant life they once knew in jeopardy. But there’s hope, and you can be a part of it.

Be a Part of Strengthening Shtula!

Your contribution today can bring joy, support, and a sense of normalcy back to the families and children of Shtula. They have been away from their homes, many living in a hotel, for half a year. Nearly half of the homes in Shtula have been damaged in the war, and it remains dangerous for families to go back, even to get personal belongings. While they hope to move to caravans closer to Shtula over the summer, the explosive situation on the northern border means they live with constant uncertainty.

That’s why the Mizrachi Canada community is stepping in to support the Shtula community. Community representatives from both sides of the ocean are working together to craft an end-to-end Pesach break solution including camps, events, excursions and more!

100 families are currently displaced from their homes living in a hotel in Jerusalem

Choose how you'd like to help:

  • $36 – Sponsor a child for the “Strengthening Shtula” community event. Give a child the gift of joy and community spirit.
  • $180 – Sponsor a Family for the “Strengthening Shtula” community event. Help a family find strength in togetherness during these trying times.
  • $360 – Sponsor Three Generations: Children, Parents, and Grandparents for the “Strengthening Shtula” community event. Support the heart of Shtula—its families—across generations.
  • $500 – Provide a Day of Pesach Break Camp for Shtula Youth. Offer children a day filled with fun, learning, and escape from the hardships they’re facing.
  • $1000 – Provide a Field Trip for Shtula Youth. Gift an unforgettable experience of exploration and joy outside their daily struggles.
  • $1800 – Sponsor 50 children for the “Strengthening Shtula” community event. Make a large-scale impact, touching the lives of 50 children with your generosity.

Additionally, if you wish to create a lasting impact you can opt-in to pair up with a Shtula family!

This means you’ll build a personal connection, sharing stories and aspects of daily life, and offer emotional support and understanding.

It is a meaningful way to lend a hand and create a bond across the miles, directly connecting your family with theirs.

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