$ 50 / year
  • All benefits and discounts offered by our Vendors
  • Individual membership for full time students


$ 180 / year
  • All benefits and discounts offered by our Vendors
  • Full membership for parents and children up to age 14


$ 500 / year
  • All benefits of Family Membership
  • Special access to Gold Member events
  • Limited Edition Gift (Valued at over $100)


Mizrachi Membership gives you the opportunity to join a growing community across Canada which believes in the centrality of Torah and the Land of Israel in religious life. 

If you believe:

  • That Jews around the world have a role to play in the building of the State of Israel.
  • That the State of Israel has religious significance
  • That Jewish History and Destiny are central to Jewish practice

Joining Mizrachi is for you!

What am I supporting with my Mizrachi Membership

  • Religious Zionist programing across Canada.
  • scholarships for Israel summer programs and for students learning in Israel for the year . 
  • The Bnei Akiva youth movement across Canada.
  • Special programing in our educational network: Bnei Akiva Schools Toronto, Bnei Akiva in Montreal and Toronto, Camp Moshava Ennismore, Moshava Bair Toronto, Kollel Torah Mitzion Montreal, The YU Kollel Torah Mitzion Beit Midrash Toronto.
  • The Canadian Yoatzot Initiative.

What do I get for being a member

  1. Access to all Mizrachi programs and initiatives
  2. A voice in shaping Mizrachi programs and initiatives
  3. A platform for suggesting new programs in your community
  4. Close to a hundred deals and benefits offered by friends and businesses associated with Mizrachi at local, online, and Israeli locations.  

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