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High Quality Mehudar Lulav and Etrog from Eretz Israel

Low prices - Produce shipped to Mizrachi direct from the suppliers

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Mizrachi Canada is excited to offer a wonderful opportunity for our community to partake in two mitzvot, right in time for the Yamim Noraim – The Mitzvah of “Lulav” and Tzedakah.

This year we have partnered with Israeli suppliers who work directly with Israeli Farmers to provide you with high quality lulav and etrog sets that are coming straight from the Land of Israel.

By purchasing a lulav and etrog set through Mizrachi Canada you will also have the opportunity to choose where the proceeds of your purchase will go, and your lulav and etrog set will be 50% tax deductible.

Join us this Sukkot in and Purchase your Lulav and Etrog Set with Mizrachi Canada – the Mitzvah the Gives Back!


It’s simple.

Purchase a high-quality, Israeli farmed Lulav and Etrog set from our user-friendly web form and indicate where you would like the proceeds to go.

You will have the option to give the proceeds to Mizrachi Canada, or to select another local Toronto charity. If your desired charity is not listed, simply indicate which one you prefer, and we will arrange the rest.

Before chag you will receive a notice on where to pick up your lulav and etrog, and you will be good to go!

What's the benefit?

Receive High Quality Bundles from Eretz Yisrael

Support Israeli Farmers and Toronto Charities

You will receive a 50% tax receipt

where we get our 4 Minim


“Zanoach” etrogs according to the Shitta of Chazon Ish. the orchard areas are located in a Moshav Zanoach, located in the Ella Valley. All the etrogs have been carefully selected and have undergone several sortings in order to find the most special and beautiful etrogs. The cleaner and more beautiful the shape, the more elegant. The kashrut of the etrog is given by the Bnei Brak Beit Din under the head of Rabbi S. Nissim Carlitz Shlita.


Mehudar Lulavi Eretz Israel from the Jordan Valley are specially selected from the local Zahidi / Hiani and Deri varieties. The level of Kashrut and Hidur depends on how complete the tiomet (middle branch) is.


Hadassim from the north of Israel. Handcheked individually – The level of hidur increases as the length of the myrtle in which there is continuous Shilush (three leaves extending from the same spot). Kashrus is given by Rabbi Weiss and Rabbi Woznar.

about our supplier

The “Mehudar” Warehouse is one of the largest arbah minim suppliers in the Jerusalem area. We carefully choose the growers we work with and do not compromise on the quality of the goods. The growers we work with have some of the largest and most respected orchards in Israel and the goods are carefully and meticulously inspected so that our customers receive the highest quality. For several years now our warehouse has been one of the largest in the country, and as a warehouse owner who markets to thousands of customers every year, we maintain the highest standards in the market from growth to packaging and marketing to our satisfied customers who return to us year after year.

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Address for Tax Receipt
For many years, the IDF has supplied its soldiers with Arba'a Minim for Sukkot. Due to budgetary restrictions and planning complications, there aren't enough sets to accommodate the soldiers interested in fulfilling this mitzvah. Select the quantity below, and your donation will help ensure the delivery of quality Arba'a Minim sets for our troops. Your donation will be tax deductible.
Price: $ 30.00 CAD
Two sets connect the celebrant with a soldier, creating a connection of generosity and chesed. You will be contacted via e-mail after purchase.
Price: $ 60.00 CAD
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