A New Approach to Aliyah!

What is Israela?

Israel For 30 Years Has brought Olim from France and South America using a unique process. For the first time Israela in partnership with Nefesh BeNefesh is bringing their services to North America! 

Aliyah as a Group

Creating a group, consisting of North American families, to support each other through the Aliyah process.

Adoptive Communities

Be Welcomed to Israel by local adoptive community and families offering assistance and unique support, including transitioning children into the school system.

Continuous Accompaniment​

Israela continues the dedicated support through the first 18 months after making Aliyah: cultivating a community life, assisting in learning Hebrew and finding employment

Joining Hands​

Israela works in conjunction with Nefesh B’Nefesh to make the Aliyah experience comprehensive and with the utmost professional care available.

Join us for a Online Info Session

Thinking of Making Aliyah? Families making Aliyah – starting this summer! Join Israela for the ultimate Aliyah experience – a group Aliyah of families, united by a shared vision, making the move to Israel an unforgettable adventure! Create lifelong connections with like-minded families before you even step foot in Israel. Our unique approach brings families together for pre-Aliyah meet-ups, creating a tight-knit community that supports and uplifts each other through the entire Aliyah journey. Experience Aliyah as a collective adventure, ensuring a smoother transition as you settle into a vibrant Israeli community with friends you’ve already made. Join us for a webinar where you’ll: • Hear success stories from families thriving in their new Israeli communities. • Gain insights from Aliyah experts for a seamless transition. • Discover exclusive programs, incentives, and perks for our group Aliyah experience.