Over the last 32 years, Yeshiva Shavei Hevron has been developing in the heart of the city of Hevron. Today, over 300 students, including 80 married students, learn on its premises with self-sacrifice, diligence, courage and tranquility. Rabbi Moshe Bleicher, shlita, the head of the yeshiva, set the educational-national goal of establishing a generation of Torah scholars worthy of becoming spiritual leaders.

Having absorbed the Torah of Hevron, these scholars will be able to use their deep faith and halachic knowledge in order to guide this generation through an understanding of the heart and needs of the Jewish People. We see special value in the fact that the message of unity of educational-national aims comes forth from the city of our Forefathers. Here, in Hevron, the roots of our unity as people were laid by our Forefathers who lived here and are buried here.

The fast and steady growth of the Yeshiva caused a need for the renovation and expansion of the Yeshiva situated in the old Beit Romano building (built over 120 years ago). Today, we are in the midst of the construction work.