The JDC (-Jaffa Development Center and hesder Yeshiva) organization sees itself as part of the movement of ‘Shivat Tsion’- returning to Zion that began 120 years ago and still continues.

Today we are called to build a floor of spiritual Zionism on the established physical infrastructure.  Especially in center of Israel, our national mission is connecting to our identity, to our holy and unique heritage and values. Jaffa as a microcosm of the state holds the potential to influence on the Israeli society. Through our actions in Jaffa, in unity and by sharing the same fate, we provide spiritual, educational and community support that provides courage and inspiration as well as help and charity to all levels of society.

The organization, was established in 2008 and is headed by Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, is following an indifferent calling, that is general and yet specific per the various communities in Jaffa and the area near it, maybe that is why it’s so successful.