Yad Tamar

HUG = Helping, Understanding, Giving

Yad Tamar assists cancer patients and their families in establishing a caring, functional, family and community- based support-system; all at no cost to the family.

Yad Tamar is dedicated to social and community responsibility, and is rooted in a social and volunteer-reliant network. Within the framework of this dedication, Yad Tamar trains both individuals and communities across the country, who then serve as ambassadors, providing systemic assistance to patients and those on the journey with them. The network of volunteers along with the unique method developed, allow us to reach a greater number of people in a more timely and efficient manner, which is more pleasant and simpler for those in need of support and those helping to provide it. 

  • Yad Tamar is carrying out a change in how support, information and a safety net for cancer patients, their relations and surrounding communities are viewed by society- the community- conceptually.
  • Yad Tamar is expanding the rings of aid and assistance, establishes connections among the various organizations dealing with cancer, and promotes cooperation.
  • Yad Tamar is rooted in a tapestry of volunteers, all carefully selected and closely accompanied professionally, personally and emotionally. Their constant concern and focus are the needs, the desires and the abilities of the patients and their relations.
  • Yad Tamar makes current technology more accessible, in order to respond more sensitively, empathetically, and with the highest quality timeliness and professionalism.

Yad Tamar’s mandate includes, among other projects, the development and implementation of innovative aid methods, which are both practical and adapted to medical, social and technological changes.