Strengthening Family and Community Resilience in the Western Negev Region

About the organization:
Yad Tamar operates an information hotline and holistic assistance center for families dealing with cancer, which helps over 1500 new families per year. Yad Tamar trains, guides, and accompanies communities, organizations, workplaces, and families on the subject of managing medical crises.
The organization works in cooperation with many authorities in Israel; the warm and enthusiastic feedback is moving and proves that the Tamar Community Model is vital to strengthen community resilience in any community.

This past year, Yad Tamar won the Medina L’Mofet prize in the category of innovation that reinforces family and community resilience, along with two other initiatives – out of 385 candidates. The organization received an acceleration grant from the JDC and National Insurance funds, as well as a vote of confidence from the Israel Association of Community Centers and the Home Front Command’s National Resilience Institute, who believe that it is the leading model for strengthening communities in times of crisis.

Yad Tamar is based on the understanding that while the health system focuses on treating the disease, it pays less attention to the patients themselves, and even less to their family members. The worlds of families dealing with a health crisis (severe illnesses, prolonged hospitalization, car accidents, sudden death, and so forth) are shaken and changed very suddenly. The patient and the family members are “thrown” into a new reality, and many of them collapse under the influx of responsibilities and the mental, financial, and bureaucratic burdens that come with the situation.

Experience has shown that a health crisis that is left unmanaged raises the risk of damage to the mental, emotional, and financial resilience of the family specifically, and of the surrounding community on the broader level.

Strategic Intervention and Emergency Services (the war in Gaza)

 The concept of resilience has emerged in the forefront of the national and local response to the ongoing war with Gaza- the ability to cope with trauma, navigate this period of emergency and overcome the immense challenges during and after the war with Gaza. The nucleus of community resilience is broken down into three major components: leadership, trust and information. With so much uncertainty and chaos, the Yad Tamar Embracing Together offers a holistic, organic system that integrates between the needs of the evacuated families and the solutions they need to receive, as well as transitioning back to their cities when the government deems it safe to return.