SAHI – Special Hessed (Grace) Unit, has been operating for over a decade for youth in the Israeli socio-geographical periphery, in a wide geographical spread.

In SAHI, instead of approaching the youth with the message “We’re here to help you”, our message is: “We need your help to help others”. For the first time in their lives, the teenagers, often removed from educational frameworks, are filled with purpose, and choose a positive path of refraining from criminal activities.

SAHI operates youth units in over 40 locations from Hatzor Haglilit in the north to Eilat in the south. Regularly, the organization engages thousands of teenagers who volunteer in the neighborhoods and assist more than 2,000 families and elderly from their community on a weekly basis. In addition, the teenagers initiate a variety of local giving activities such as renovating homes of elderly people, assisting children with disabilities, volunteering with Holocaust survivors, and more.

Engaging in group giving activities changes the lives of the participating youth for the better, and fills them with a sense of competence, meaning, and responsibility. Rather than
engaging in negative behaviors such as violence and addiction, they choose a positive path in which they also help the elderly and families in-need and strengthen their communities as a whole. They become a model of inspiration for the entire community.