The Yedidya Mechina (Academy) is open to male graduates of graduates of comprehensive religious high schools in Israel and abroad. Its primary goal is to instill its students with joy and self-confidence, combined with a feeling of a deep connection to the Jewish People, its Torah and its Land. It teaches its students to dream and to believe in their ability to fulfill their dreams. It provides them with the basic tools with which to develop their personalities, and instills in them a strong desire to contribute as much as they can to the Land of Israel and to the Israel Defence Forces. Alongside their work with the Mechina’s Rabbis and instructors, Yedidya’s students meet with business and economic leaders at the Azrieli College who teach a course in business enterprise and personal empowerment, providing the students with the initial tools necessary to set up businesses in the future.
There is no doubt that the values of derech Eretz (good manners, proper interpersonal behavior) and Torah that are basic to the Mechina’s principles and are passed on to its students, are the ideal combination necessary to build these young men’s personalities. The Mechina guides its students towards a meaningful military service, something that is reflected by their enlistment in elite units, and in their continuing on to command and leadership positions on whatever road they eventually find themselves.