Located in the Gush Etzion city of Betar Illit, Kollel Torat Chaim was founded in 2021 in memory of the late Chaim Sidelski OB”M. Dedicated to assisting budding Torah scholars in their continued growth, the Kollel has quickly attained renown amongst laymen and scholars alike. Although we currently have around 25 scholars studying in our program, we need your support to grow and expand. With a focus on in-depth halachic analysis, the Kollel is dedicated to producing future Rabbanim for Klal Yisrael and strengthening the Torah presence in Harei Yehuda. Through a matching program, a donation of just $360 CDN enables us to provide the stipend of another scholar for a whole month! Consider becoming a regular partner with us!  

Roshei HaKollel

Rabbi Akiva Dov Feinberg Shlit”a – of Woodmere, NY
Rabbi Doniel Menachem HaLevi Zimmerman Shlit”a – of Toronto

Kollel President

Rabbi Elisha Habinski Shlit”a