The Disengagement in August 2005 brought to an end more than three decades of settlement activity in Gush Katif. Some 10,000 residents were evacuated from 21 villages and communities in Gush Katif and 4 in Northern Shomron. Gush Katif was an agricultural success story beyond anyone’s dreams. Four hundred farmers were responsible for 95% of Israel’s bug-free vegetables, 70% of Israel’s organic exports and 10% of all of Israel’s agricultural exports. Fully 85% of the residents were employed in Gush Katif. These people were now left lost and confused; depressed and discouraged. 85% of the families were now unemployed. JobKatif was established to help ensure that these evacuees, displaced from their homes, places of employment and communities in August 2005 could, once again, support their families with dignity and honor. JobKatif initiated a multitude of programs to enable the Gush Katif evacuees to find employment, rehabilitate their lives and stand on their own feet. once again.