Founded in 2005 by Albert and Yael Shaltiel, the ILAI Fund strives to support Israeli children with special needs whose families cannot bear the cost of meeting their children’s essential requirements. Poverty is the common denominator among the ILAI Fund children. Our support provides families with the means to purchase medical necessities and professional support services to improve the lives of their children. Each child receives exactly what he or she needs based on prescriptions and recommendations from health care professionals. Our modest organization is committed to providing as much financial assistance as we can for each family who applies. We currently serve approximately 1,200 children; with additional funds we can increase the grant amounts to those we serve and also reach many others who urgently need our support. While the Ministry of Health covers most of the cost of specialized medical equipment and therapeutic services, our families struggle to afford the co-payments and cost of repairs or replacements when needed. The ILAI Fund assistance grants are individualized and include anything that can improve the quality of life for the children we assist. For example, electric wheelchairs, top-of-the-line hearing and vision aids, i-pads with adaptive technology for children with severe communication challenges, advanced orthotic equipment, a wide variety of essential supportive therapies, and any other health promoting aids and services vastly improve the children’s wellbeing and ability to thrive.