Welcome to Halichot Am Israel House

Our Mission

We are excited to introduce Halichot Am Israel House, a vibrant center dedicated to fostering Jewish unity through education, cultural events, and community engagement. Designed to connect Jews from around the world to our rich heritage and shared future, this center is poised to become a beacon of Jewish unity and learning.

Halichot Am Israel House is committed to celebrating the unique linkage between the Bible, diverse Jewish communities, and our united future. Our mission is to be the center of Jewish unity by connecting to our core values and respecting our diversity. Our guiding principles include:

  • One unified Biblical foundation
  • Historic Jewish communities
  • Unity as one people today
  • A united future
  • A shared destiny based on one value system, living diversely in Israel and abroad

What We Offer

Events and Services

Halichot Am Israel House is more than just a building; it’s a hub of activities and services designed to strengthen our community. Our center generates revenue through:

  • Government grants for educational programs
  • Stipends for continuing education programs
  • Ticket sales for events
  • A conference center for various gatherings
  • Services for outside paying customers

We host a wide range of events and provide numerous services, including:

  • General events and performances that celebrate Jewish culture and heritage
  • A boutique hotel with 42 rooms for guests attending our programs
  • Family events such as Shabbat dinners, bar/bat mitzvahs, and weddings
  • Corporate trainings for professional development
  • Halichot Am Yisrael shabbatonim to enrich the spiritual lives of our community members

Jewish Law Conference

Our Esteemed Leader

An integral part of our mission is the annual Jewish Law Conference. We aim to create a core group of rabbis, community leaders, and spiritual leaders who are deeply knowledgeable in TaNaKh and Jewish heritage. These leaders will be equipped with the pedagogic skills necessary to convey unique and unifying Jewish values.

Rabbi Dr. Ratzon Arusi shli”ta leads Halichot Am Israel House. Rabbi Arusi is a prime disciple of Rabbi Yosef Kapach, the leading scholar on the Rambam (Maimonides) in the 20th century. His accomplishments include:

  • Member of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel
  • Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Ono
  • Chair of the Chief Rabbinate Commission for Interreligious Affairs
  • World-renowned expert on Rambam and Jewish law
  • Founder of the Institute for Jewish Law
  • Doctorate in Law from Tel Aviv University
  • Senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University

Join Us

Support Halichot Am Israel House and be part of building a future of unity, learning, and cultural celebration for Jews worldwide. Together, we can create a stronger, more connected Jewish community.

Thank you for your continued support.