The Garin Hatorani of Lod, or Jewish Seed Program, is a citywide community of religious-Zionist families, established 23 years ago in Lod.

The Garin is a social-Zionist initiative which aims to advance the city of Lod via community integration as well as contribution to the city in the areas of Education, Culture, and Social Welfare. The Garin impacts many thousands of Lod residents due to its high number of programs, institutions and volunteers

The Families of the Garin

The Garin community currently numbers over 1000 families located throughout the city’s neighborhoods (particularly in Neve Zayit, Ramat Elyashiv, Neve Nof, and Ramat Eshkol). The families work closely together with Lod’s veteran residents in order to improve the overall quality of life.

The Garin is proud to have grown to become an integral part of the city.

 The recently-elected mayor of Lod, Mr. Yair Revivo, was recently quoted in the media that the Garin is “the best thing that happened to Lod in the last 20 years. They’re idealists who really care.” Mayor Revivo added that almost all of his childhood classmates left Lod due to the city’s former situation, “but these guys have changed the whole direction of the city and have brought new life to Lod.”