About Beit Haggai

Beit Haggai Youth Village welcomes disadvantaged young men (ages 13-18) from all over Israel, providing an encouraging, homelike environment for children who lack even the most basic conditions necessary for growing up at home with their own families.

Beit Haggai’s unique and comprehensive treatment model calls for the establishment of several spacious Family Units, each by a specially trained couple. The husband and wife tend to the needs of about 10 resident youths under one roof. They serve as role models, raising the youngsters together with their own children as one big family, providing all the warmth and love that the disadvantaged boys lacked in childhood and thus ensuring that they grow up to be dedicated Jews and stable, normative citizens of the State of Israel.

The staff emphasizes nurturing and education in the spirit of the Torah and the Jewish heritage, applying special experiential and emotionally exciting methods and learning aids to enrich the young people’s world with the lofty values of Judaism.

In the over 30 years since Beit Haggai Youth Village first opened its doors, we have seen hundreds of our graduates overcome severe hardship. Our boys have participated in rigorous pre-induction training programs and then enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces. Following service and honorable discharge, they find jobs, marry and raise fine families of their own.