Beit Daniella is a supportive recovery day center for youth in Israel who are struggling with mental health issues. Beit Daniella is a short term program that provides these teens with vital skills to transition back into their families, schools and communities after psychiatric hospitalization. Situated in a pastoral setting with an emphasis on animal-assisted therapy, Beit Daniella aims to help youth build on their strengths, to develop resilience, to learn to better regulate their emotional states, to take responsibility and to develop functional skills for a life worth living. Appreciating that parents are the primary caretakers of their child, Beit Daniella also provides parents with skills and support to help themselves and their child to cope with his or her challenges.  Beit Daniella currently has one branch located in Tzur Hadassah and is on the way to building a second branch located in Southern Israel. Beit Daniella is at the forefront of teen mental health and is changing the way health and educational services provide for struggling youth.