“Avner Akko” is a non-profit organization that is based in the heart of the mixed neighborhoods in the city of Akko. During the last few decades, the Jewish population has left the area, synagogues have closed, and Batei Midrash have moved to different locations. At present there are approximately 13,000 people residing in the center of the city, of which 11,000 are Arabs. The socio-economic situation in the city has deteriorated significantly. In light of this, in 2014 Rabbi Ahikam Getz founded the Avner Organization, an open Beit Midrash and educational institution for the training of pioneering young people and developing a volunteer community in the neighborhoods.

The Avner Organization was founded in memory of Avner Getz, the son of Rabbi Meir Yehuda Getz, zt”l. Avner fell in the battle for Jerusalem, after which his father Rabbi Getz relocated to Jerusalem and served for many years as the Rabbi of the Kotel.

Our organization was founded with the vision of connecting to the community in order to:
• Restore a thriving Jewish community in the center of Akko.
• Establish an educational institution that attracts pioneers and enriches Torah studies.
• Develop respectful, positive and cooperative neighborly relations with community members.