Mizrachi Canada Fellowship

Mizrachi Canada is looking forward to celebrating the State of Israel’s seventieth anniversary this year and sees this as an opportunity to commemorate this historic milestone through the high school fellowship program. The Mizrachi Canada Fellowship is committed to bringing strong religious Zionist students in Canada together and to provide them with an opportunity to intellectually engage in the modern religious Zionist world. The goal of the fellowship is to create a community wide discussion on the values and direction of Zionism today.


University students applying for the Mizrachi Fellowship Council must be enrolled in a post secondary institution in Canada for the 2017/18 academic school year.

Role of the Council

  1. The goal of the council is to give university students the leadership opportunities and resources to build a stronger Religious Zionist community in Canada. The Fellowship Council accomplishes this by acting as mentors, building community initiatives and thinking big about inspiring our community.
  2. The roles and responsibilities of the council may include:
  • Helping recruiting high school candidates for the fellowship
  • Acting as a mentor for a designated high school fellows
  • Guiding and assisting high school fellows with thinking deeply our values and writing articles to be published in Mizrachi’s book commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel
  • Helping to organize the fellowship activities
  • planning community-wide initiatives
  • Implementing community and campus programs around the 70th anniversary
  • Thinking big and building a stronger community.


Benefits of the fellowship  

  1. Broadening and strengthening of council members’ knowledge of religious Zionist concepts
  2. Opportunity to network and develop personal and professional connections with Mizrachi fellowship participants across Canada
  3. Experience with mentoring high school students and managing logistics and development of fellowship
  4. All council members will be awarded a full scholarship to take part
    in a summer internship program in Israel. For more info click here.


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