Mizrachi Canada Fellowship

Mizrachi Canada is looking forward to celebrating the State of Israel’s seventieth anniversary this year and sees this as an opportunity to commemorate this historic milestone through the high school fellowship program. The Mizrachi Canada Fellowship is committed to bringing strong religious Zionist high school students in Canada together and to provide them with an opportunity to intellectually engage in the modern religious Zionist world. The goal of the fellowship is to create a community wide discussion on the values and direction of Zionism today.


Students participating in the fellowship must be graduating high school in Canada in the 2017/18 academic school year.

Fellowship components 

  1. Students will write an article, choosing from various topics relating to religious Zionism.
  2. Students will lead a community wide initiative to further educate themselves and others about the significance of religious Zionism.
  3. Students will attend the annual Mizrachi fellowship shabbaton where they will be able to meet other fellowship students from across Canada.

Benefits of the fellowship 

  1. Broadening and strengthening students’ knowledge of religious Zionist concepts.
  2. Gives students experience in managing and organizing community-wide initiative
  3. Gives students opportunity to have their articles included in a book Mizrachi is publishing for the seventieth anniversary of the State of Israel.
  4. Opportunity to meet other fellowship students across Canada on the Mizrachi fellowship shabbaton
  5. One thousand dollars towards an educational program in Israel

General application Deadline – Sunday October 22, 2017 12:00 a.m.