Eshet Chayal Initiative

Welcome to our Eshet Chayalim initiative, dedicated to supporting the courageous wives whose spouses are away fighting.

We raise funds to provide weekly meals for these families, easing their daily burdens

Join us in honoring and supporting these unsung heroes through our Eshet Chayalim initiative.

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Eshet Chayal Meals

Stand in solidarity with the courageous spouses, who bravely stand on the home front while their loved ones serve. Join us in supporting these resilient women by signing up to provide a meal – whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or one-time contribution. Your generosity ensures they receive the care they deserve. Together, let’s extend our gratitude beyond the battlefield and into the hearts of those who wait.

On average to cover a shabbat meal for a family of five it costs approximately CAD$70

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Send a meal to a family whose father/husband is serving.
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