Eretz hachaim

It is a great privilege for MIZRACHI CANADA to make available to the community at large, burial plots in Eretz Yisrael.

Eretz HaChaim is one of the most beautiful and carefully managed Jewish Cemeteries in Israel. It is nestled in a forest in the mountains of Jerusalem, just a few miles from the main Tel-Aviv­ Jerusalem highway on a high hill with a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

Where are the Plots Located

Centrally located 20 minutes from Jerusalem on the east, or Tel Aviv on the west, as well as 20 minutes from Ben Gurion International Airport, Eretz HaChaim is easily accessible during the bereaved family’s time of need for prompt burial and, if necessary, a place to sit Shiva before returning abroad.

The Eretz Hachaim Chevra Kadisha is well known for their supportive and respectful treatment of families and mourners.  Whether providing the services of the onsite Chapel or the outstanding landscaping of the grounds or the ground layout that allows Kohanim to approach very close to the plot, the operation of the Cemetery is superb.


The price per plot is:
$15,000 USD – Per plot of which 20% is a charitable donation to Mizrachi Canada

Family Plot pricing is available.

To What am I Entitled by my Purchase Fee

Your purchase fee entitles you to your plot in the Mizrachi Canada section of the Eretz Hachaim Cemetery, plus cemetery perpetual care.  The cost for the Chevra Kadisha includes: all paperwork prior to landing, receiving of the casket at the airport, permit documentation,  opening and closing of the grave,  travel from the airport to the cemetery, use of the chapel and family rooms, participation of a funeral director and minyan if needed.

next steps

If interested, please call the Mizrachi Office at (416) 630-9266 and speak confidentially to one of our professionals. Or fill out the form below and one of our professionals will be in touch with you shortly.