What's the Chanukah Box

Celebrate Chanukah at home with your family together with Mizrachi Canada’s first ever Chanukah Box, a curated Chanukah themed box filled with educational and family fun, at home, activities for each night of Chanukah!

What's Inside?

Family Learning

Light up your home with 5 minutes of family learning every night of Chanukah after lighting Chanukah candles, with curated family learning sheets created by Mizrachi Canada.

The Dreidel Game

Mizrachi Canada’s very own Dreidel Game is back for it’s 2nd year with an improved version and a new battle element! Defeat the Greek Army with Mizrachi Canada’s “Dreidel Game”, together with family and friends.

Torah Battle Quiz Game

Test your knowledge on the Holiday of Chanukah, Israeli History, Shemita, and Hilchot Chanukah with “Torah Battle Quiz Game”! Game includes trivia questions for each category, and is the perfect game to play on Shabbat Chanukah with your family and friends.

Chanukah Bingo Night

Enjoy a game of Mizrachi’s very own Chanukah Bingo together with family and friends. Game comes with 8 cards, bingo pieces, and bingo chips, and can be played year after year!

Chanukah Story Pictionary

Enjoy the classic game of Pictionary with a Chanukah twist, where teams have to guess what their teammate draws!

Chanukah Matching Game

Plenty of fun for individuals young and old. Enjoy the classic game of “Find a Match” that includes Chanukah elements. Made by Mizrachi Canada.

Cookie Decorating Kit ​

Hours of fun for any member of the family! Created by PRCC, build your own Chanukah out of cookie and decorate with pre-packages icing and sprinkles!Enjoy the yummy treat when you finish

Chanukah Themed Murder Mystery

Gather your family and friends, and play the classic came of “whodunnit”! Get into character as you try and solve the mystery of who stole the Menorah!

Chanukah Activity Book

The perfect activity book for children that includes colouring fun, crossword puzzles, look and find, riddles, and so much more! All created by Mizrachi Canada.

Chanukah Crafts

Enjoy fun Chanukah themed crafts such as “create your own puzzle” and “sticker by numbers”

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