What is Mizrachi Canada?

MIZRACHI ORGANIZATION OF CANADA is a Torah driven, community focused educational organization committed to Jewish identity and its destiny. Mizrachi Canada is the umbrella Religious Zionist Organization for many activities in Canada which connects our community with Israel in many ways, together with our branches and affiliates across the country. These include the Bnei Akiva youth movement, Camp Moshava Ennismore and Toronto day camp Moshava Ba’Ir.

The name Mizrachi is a combination of two Hebrew words, “Merkaz” and “Ruchani” – meaning a spiritual center. Our role is to be a proactive partner in taking personal responsibility in contributing to the collective destiny of Klal Yisrael through a commitment to a holistic and inclusive Torah approach to life. For decades, Mizrachi has been inspiring the world with the empowering message of Religious Zionism, forging strong partnerships between Jews across the world and in Israel, and helping to develop the realities of Torat Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael. Today, Mizrachi turns inwards with an eye on inspiring and calling to the action the new generation of Religious Zionists in Canada.

For over six decades, Mizrachi’s fundraising efforts have generously supported innovative projects and a myriad of educational, religious and cultural institutions throughout the State of Israel. Mizrachi provides scholarships to post-high school students enabling them to experience a year of study at various yeshivot and seminaries in Israel.

Rabbi Elan Mazer,
National Director

A native of Montreal, Rabbi Elan Mazer spent the decade after high school living, studying, and teaching at Jerusalem’s Yeshivat Hakotel, while taking time to serve in the IDF, and also obtaining his teaching (B.Ed.) and rabbinic (Smicha) degrees.
Rabbi Mazer and his family then served as shlichim in the Toronto community from 2013-2017. While in the official capacity of “Mashgiach Ruchani” (spiritual advisor) at Bnei Akiva Schools (Yeshivat Or Chaim and Ulpanat Orot Girls’ School), Rabbi Mazer took an active role in the school and the community, including revamping the Judaic curriculum at the schools, establishing numerous shiurim throughout the city, and spending two summers at Camp Moshava as the Camp Rav.
In 2016 Rabbi Mazer accepted the position as National Director of Mizrachi Canada, with a mission to incorporate the ideals of religious Zionism in the daily lives of thousands of Canadians.
Having returned to live in Israel with his family, Rabbi Mazer continues in his position at Mizrachi Canada, traveling back and forth between the two countries while remaining committed to setting vision and strategy for Canada, connecting Israel to the world, and instilling a passion for Torah and a deep connection to Eretz Yisrael in the hearts and minds of the Jewish communities in Toronto and across the country.


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